Everyone has that something that gives them peace. That one thing that brings them to that place where all else fades away. That thing for me is creating.

Hi, I’m Amber Hudler. I’m a creator. Whether it’s creating fun graphic designs for websites, banners for display, custom products to sell or giveaway, photography or e-mail content your customers enjoy, I’ll create it. I enjoy working with my clients to form custom marketing plans that fit into their everyday needs for their businesses.

I’ve been in the marketing world for over 14 years now. I Graduated in 2010 with a Business degree and went straight into Marketing where it would eventually lead me to the roll of Marketing Manager for 10 years. LocalBuzz Creative was created back in 2015, when I started doing photography, and wasn’t until 2022 where it became my full-time gig for local businesses with a wide range of marketing needs.

I hope you enjoy viewing what I have to offer and possibly find something that catches your eye. Please reach out if I can be of any help.

localbuzz creative owner Amber Hudler